wispy clouds a-floating by

This is Karon Beach. Just a short 10-15mins walk away from where I’m staying in Karon. Absolutely gorgeous man this place. A huge stretch of squeaky sand (it literally squeaks! “eek eek eek” no joke!) with the sea stretching towards the horizon.. and when you look up you see a perfect shade of sky blue with white wispy clouds floating by. Strong wind whipping through your hair, never giving it a rest. And a few hrs later, you’ll be sun-baked. How wonderful that is.

There’s just something very calming about the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. I can just laze on my beach chair, stare into the distance and look at those foamy white ends rushing towards the shore. Wave after wave after wave. It sounds like a monotonous lullaby to me- still doing its job by lulling people to sleep. I alternate between reading my book and staring into the sea out of the 4 hrs I’m there. It didn’t felt like it’s been 4 hrs though, in fact I wouldn’t know that its evening already if not for the fact that I need to pee really badly. Haha!

Took the pictures using my shades as a filter, thus giving a reddishbrown hue to the pictures.

I miss Karon beach. Awwwww.