Kevin Kern

I love playing Kevin Kern’s music whenever I’m stressed out. I remember listening to it when I was mugging for my papers back in secondary school, when I was so caught up with projects in poly. I remember playing the disc on the CD player almost every night because I always feel so relaxed whenever the music is playing in the background… then somehow I stop listening to it. Not because I don’t like it anymore, somehow, I just forgot about it.

Sometimes I do hear his music when I stepped into random CD stores or just any other shops. And I’ll be reminded of how wonderful his pieces are. But I guess it isn’t important enough for me to go find back his CDs and start listening to it again. Then tonight, somehow his name sort of drifted back into my mind so I went searching for his music and its still as wonderful. 🙂 I’m gonna go dig through my CDs collection tmr and hopefully I’ll be able to find his CD! If not I’ll just go and buy a new one! Or someone can be kind enough to buy it and surprise me with it! HAHAHAHA.

Did you know, Kevin Kern is actually born legally blind? Amazing how with his disability he’s still able to learn how to play the piano and compose music huh? Inspiring.