Week One


I survived week one of the intensive six weeks! 1 down 5 more to go. I honestly can’t believe school has been reopen only for a week. It felt like we are in there for a month. At least the workload feels like it! I’m glad that the only thing I’ve to focus on right now is just my studies because honestly, I need all the time I have.

Even though the workload seems to be overwhelming especially for the first two days, I believe it’s just a matter of tweaking your mindset to accept it and work with it. To adapt to the situation. I mean come on, this is a degree programme for goodness sake.
Surely the workload is gonna be much more and its gonna be more challenging, right? If the previous 4 cohorts can survive it, why not yourself? At least for me, I’m positive I can deal with it. *crazy eyes*

3rd day of school we’ve already handed up a 1000words essay and as for next week, technically we have 10 separate things due if we were to count the individual paper we have to write.

For some reason I’m actually quite excited to do part of the reflections and whatnot. I know, I’m such a nerd right?!

School also means that I’ve turned into a hungry monster overnight. Joey was absolutely terrified when he saw how much I could eat now. I’m just really hungry, for some reason. 😦 Man, guess who’s turning into a fattybombom soon?


Just part of it. Haha! Horrible!! Ahh!

Ok, back to my readings. *puts on glasses* Week 2 here I come!!!! Booyah!!!!