Eeny Miney Eeny Mo

Life is made up of your decisions/choices made along the way. The everyday choices, no matter how big or small, it all contributes to the direction of how your life is going to be. It determines the people who are going to be inside as well. Of course, who to keep is up to you but to meet them? It’s due to some choices you’ve made thats why you meet who you’re gonna meet, if you know what I mean.

Like if I chose to take up higher mother tongue back when I was in pri5, perhaps I’ll be able to get into a better secondary school, my social circle of friends will be entirely different in that case, I might not be in ECH, I might not be with Joey.

I believe all the decisions we made along the way plays a very important part in moulding our future. Slowly but surely, with each choice we made in our life, we’re moving nearer to our destination, whatever it will leads to. But I sure hope mine is good.

Therefore, I cannot understand, perhaps to a certain extent of tolerate, people who acts the opposite of me- giving no shit about their choices in life. Not giving enough thoughts to it. Thinking, “Ah well, it’s just this time round. How bad it’s gonna be anyway?” People who only look in the super short term goals, never thinking about their long term goals. Example, going out on a saturday night to party despite having an assignment due on Monday. Passing in shit work due to lack of time to do it (choice: went to party instead of doing work), get a shit grade in results, then realised you flunk e module and you’ll only need like 3 more marks to pass it- crying & cursing is normally what follows after. Which could be easily attainable if you focus and hand in decent piece of work, isn’t it? (this is my super extreme way of thinking, but it’s always this thinking that got me to place my assigns in priority, without fail)

How you choose to carry yourself is also a decision in itself, no? The way you carry yourself is going to affect how other people is going to treat you. See, humans are beings who need boundaries. Set your boundaries with people from the start, they will know how to behave appropriately around you. Or at least, most of them. If you’re those kind who will just keep quiet when people bully you, then expect yourself to always be bullied, no one is going to save you, sadly, except yourself. If you’re the kind who have no idea how to respect yourself Wen you’re with other people then I’m sorry, don’t expect yourself to be respected as much by them as well. It’s the truth. (and funnily enough, normally such people will always complain, “why the ppl I meet all like shit ah?!” hello?)

You know how some people will lament about so many things not going right in their life, about how their workplace/boss sucks (choice: can just start looking for another job if really so unhappy about it, but funnily enough, those who complain e most r e one who stay e longest), how people around them are taking advantage of them (choice: can choose to make a stand and tell them to stop doing it, yes?). It really all boils down to you making a choice and start doing something differently, and things are going to change, no? Not saying there will be instant results, but hey, at least there’s a start. And sometimes, all you need is that first step for eveything to get better. If choice A doesn’t work, go for choice B. So on and so forth.

I might be too serious for your liking. You might not agree with my way of thinking. It’s okay, I’m just sharing.