A different sort of brunch


My idea of brunch consists of fluffy pancakes, orange juice, greasy bacon, sautéed mushrooms & toast. Having sashimi, tempura & curry katsu is kinda off track for me, but being the jap cuisine lover, I’m not complaining either.

New Garo is located at Bukit Timah, near the stretch of shop houses (where Dominoes is) that’s near Al-Ameen. Honestly I would have walk past it without noticing it’s existence if not for Joey stopping to flip the menu open.

Walked in and what greeted us was a cosy homely setting. (can see from the fact that their staff are allowed to wear slippers, so is very homely what. Right?) Even though its still early for lunch, the place was quite crowded which means the food must be good, right? A narrow & small counter at the side where you can see the chef preparing sashimi for the customers. Don’t expect sofa seats though, most of the seats are wooden chairs with a thin cushion plonked on top of it, which I nearly slip off due to the slippery satin-ish cover. =_=”

The restaurant boasts a wide variety of set meals. Honestly, the widest variety everrrr you can find in Japanese restaurants.. I think. In fact they’ve a whole menu dedicated to that. Which means I took a bloody long time to decide what to have much to Joey’s dismay. Hahaha.

Be prepared to wait for at least 15mins for food. But it’s worth the wait.

I ordered a curry rice set which consists of fruit, an appetizer which taste funny therefore not touching any of it, miso soup, tempura & of course my curry rice. All for $15. Cheap, no?! Serving is generous so people with small appetite, you can share it with others. Joey had ramen & sashimi for $18. Plus a pot of agedashi tofu for starters.

Food is yummy. Price is reasonable for their standards. Will come again. Need to bring the girlfriends here for sure!

Add: 6 Chun Tin Rd