Cambodia: Frangipani Villa Hotel ; Siem Reap

I’m writing because

Firstly, it’s the hols.. well into it in fact. Since a month-ish ago.

Secondly, I’m bored.

Lastly, I really want to blog about my Siem Reap trip for memories sake but haven’t get down to do it.. yet. So, here goes. The lovely boutique hotel which we stayed in for 6d5n, totally worthwhile for the amount of money we’re paying.

We stayed in the deluxe room with balcony & pool view for around 60SGD per day. Includes daily breakfast and free washing of 2 laundry pieces per pax (YEAH!). In my opinion, that’s a really awesome feature of the hotel because when you’re at Siem Reap all you do everyday is walk, climb, walk and then climb somemore. So many temples, so little time to see. I brought like 5 outfits there but in the end I only wore 2 outfits and all thanks to the free laundry service, I get to wear fresh smelling clothes everyday. Oh yes, how can I forget.. free Wifi too!

Love the design of the hotel. Blue & white furniture with cement floor. Gives off a very chillax and resort-ish vibe. I’m always looking forward to go back to the hotel after a day (or half a day.. haha!) of visiting.

Dipping in the pool in the evening is just the perfect finishing touch to mark the end of the day. Or you can just try to relax with a glass of beer with a book.. but it will be too bad if there’re couples like Joey & myself in the pool.. we were honestly laughing (or at least.. me) a tad too loudly while playing. Don’t really know whats so funny tho. I just find myself having a fun time whenever I’m with him.

black kitty! There were a handful of cats in the hotel; much to Joey-the-animal-lover’s delight. We called it the hotel pets. Every morning the cats (didn’t manage to snap any pics) will be walking round the outdoor dining area, sitting, watching us and finally.. it will get what it had been waiting.. food. Lots of them in fact. Ham, noodle, sausage, more ham. It seems like they can eat everything. Haha!

A cute kitty photo to end off the post. I’m rusty from not writing for too long! Will be back with more!