In 2012…

Hellooooo 2012!


I’ve given up on setting new year resolutions. The last I check, I did not fulfill any of them for the year 2011 or the previous year. I can’t even remember what I’ve set anyway. Perhaps something cheesy like “be nice to everyone” blahblahblah sorta stuff which obviously won’t work for me (DUH). But I’m still going to set some achievable goals for the year 2012 just to steer myself in the right direction and something to work hard for!

1. Improve my GPA score from sem1

My gpa from the first semester was satisfactory but nothing fantastic. Initially I wanted to set a target for myself but then I think it might be too demoralizing if say I fail to meet it so, there you go. An improvement!

2. Get a freaking diving license! 

I’ve been harping on this since last year. But due to time and monies factor I kept pushing this to a side. Since we might all die in 2012 anyway (haha!), I better get this done ASAP if not I’m gonna die with such a HUGE regret!

3. Keeping in touch with loved ones, not just on their birthdays or special occasions like Christmas. 

I used to write letters to my friends on random. Just because I feel like it. Anyway it’s really convenient to pass it to them since we were from the same class/sch but as I grew older, such stuff became more like a hassle. I was just day dreaming a couple of days ago reflecting back on 2011 when I thought, hey wouldn’t it be nice if I were to send out letters to my friends on a total random basis? Do you still remember the joy of receiving a handwritten letter out of the blue? I don’t. And I just wanna remind ppl the beauty of it still very much exists. No pressure, just starting out from 1 letter per month. Very achievable right?!

4. Maintain my present exercise regime.. or to move on to greater heights!

I’ll prolly die at the high knees and jumping jacks due to my chui knees. But anyway, I’m pretty satisfied with my current regime and all I hope is that my effort won’t go down the drain once my intensive 6 weeks start. *cries* Planning to squeeze in 30mins of workout at the gym twice a week. But ah wells, not pining much hope esp since its the intensive weeks and all and we know how crazy it will get!

5. Visit.. Bali?

Since I’ll be going to Boston for 5 weeks this year (OH SO EXCITEEEEE!!!!) I’ll be pretty much damn broke and this is just something which I really want.

In 2012 I want to be a happier person. Live more, worry less. Worry less about money, or about any other small thing (I’m a total worrywart. Lagi best thing is I like to worry stuff that I can’t ctrl!). Do something I love more often- read more, write more. To give more and love more.

To a beautiful 2012, everybardy! 🙂