Happy Valentine’s Day!

Joey & I don’t have the habit of celebrating Valentine’s day together. I find it over-commercialized, with restaurants and shops milking people’s money to the best that they could. It spoils everything for me- the idea of love and how it should be. All I see now is $ signs all over the shops.

I don’t need a $50 and above bouquet on this day. Or a box of chocolates which I don’t even eat. All I need is him to love me every single day in his ways which makes me feel so loved most of the time. To treat me as his one and only for the rest of the 364 days in a year. That’s more than enough. It’s really cliche, but with love between two, everyday really can be Valentine’s day.

Happy Valentine’s day everybardy! May love be always by your side. šŸ™‚