He said that’s his heart


This is part of his gifts to me for our anniversary. Honestly, I’m not the sort who appreciates soft toys as gifts. I find them rather useless, it collects dust & whatnot and it takes up space on my already very cramped bed- I’ve 2 bolsters, pillows & blankets each. Plus, 4 plushies. Though I enjoy the feeling of being cushion-fied, I don’t really welcome the idea of another soft toy on my bed.


He gave me the cutest reason anyone could come up with. He said he really love this stitch a lot because it looks happy and it’s carrying a heart. He first saw it at Japan and got his friend to buy it in Singapore. He then added that he love it so much that he hug him to sleep every night before he gave it to me.

Then he added, “see the heart? I’m giving you my heart.”

Aiyooooooo. See la. Say till like that. I can don’t accept it meh?! Hahaha tskkkkkk. Now I gotta make some plushies “retire” and go back to the cupboard already. Sigh.