wee hours on a Monday morning

I wonder how does marriage works. Besides love, of course.

Compromising? Accepting? Turning a blind eye? Getting used to certain things? Meeting expectations? Keeping quiet? Solving problems together?

What is the formulae? Do we have a template to follow? And if so, does it comes in different forms for different characteristics, age groups and mindsets?

Are you accepting because you love the person or is it just because you’re so used to it and you couldn’t be bothered to repeat yourself anymore?

If that case, then.. Are you settling? Lowering your expectations? Or working the differences out?

How are you ever sure that the person is going to make you happy? Will it come a day whereby you don’t feel like talking to them anymore because all topics have ran out? Is it normal to be attracted to someone else after being married or is that considered as having an emotional extra marital affair?

I think marriage just adds a whole new dimension to a relationship. Exciting but yet extremely scary.