it must be felt with the heart

this is gonna be a post of mishmash thoughts because its 1.23am in the morning and i still can’t get to sleep. brain’s too dead to think of schoolwork, but blog, yes, i can do that.

humans are humans. we get tired of trying after a while, or maybe after a ‘longer’ while. happens to anything, anyone. perhaps you will grow tired of explaining certain stuff to your parents due to their lack of understanding towards you. in order to reduce conflict, endless arguments which gets you to nowhere, you stop sharing. or asking those friends out who’s forever caught up with other commitments; dropping messages and reminders to no avail. one day, you’ll just stop trying because you feel unappreciated and forgotten. if you’re important enough, they’ll come back looking for you. if they don’t, well, good riddance. if ppl don’t give a shit, then you shouldn’t too. my rule of thumb.

i love the thrill of going to new places on a whim. i enjoy being around enthusiastic people who shares the same interests as me. keeps my own enthusiasm level up and to remind myself life’s really way too short to stick around in one place for far too long a period. go out there, and more often than not we will be rewarded handsomely with new experiences, new friendships forged and whatnot.

gotta curb my crazy eating. too much good food, not that i’m complaining though. hmm. hahaha.

school’s ending in 3 more weeks. then it’s the start of my action research project, pilot reading program and some part time work please. i desperately need the cashhhhhh. looking at my money depleting from my account is simply depressing. how i wish money falls down from the sky.

i want my weight to drop to 43kg. but it seems to be stagnant at 46kg. boohoo. so fat so faaattttt.

i’m going to fulfill two things from my bucket list this year. will share more when the time comes. 🙂