Diving for the very first time


I was pretty doubtful of my own capabilities as a diver, to be honest. It’s really scary for me to be in an environment whereby I’ve to rely on a whole contraption of various hoses, oxygen tank and whatnot to breathe underwater. I was unable to control my buoyancy as well which often leaves me swimming up and down in the water which makes me feel über frustrated with myself. At one point of time, I nearly stepped onto many sea urchins. Major panic moment for myself and my buddy.

However, during my last dive, somehow, rather miraculously, I finally learnt how to control it with more ease! To be able to swim near the corals, to see schools of fishes swimming past me, to just drink all of the beauty of underwater all in.. Makes all the effort and my fears worthwhile. 🙂

I’m a certified open water diver now! One thing off my bucket list! WOOHOO!