If you want it, then work bloody hard for it.



Day Started: Somewhere in Feb 2013.

Day of Completion: Somewhere in June 2013.

Duration I took the whole while: Approximately 3 months. Gave myself breaks in between here and there due to pulling of muscles, sprains etc. And a 3 week holiday in between. But I still managed to pick up where I last left it.

Why I started it: I was unhappy with the way I look and the fitness level that I’m at. Wanted to challenge myself to Insanity too as I’ve heard how grueling the circuits can be. Just don’t wish to be the kind of person who sits in front of a computer, snack on a bag of chips and then complain about the tyres of fats surrounding my body. If you want a change, then work for it. No pain no gain, yknow? Most importantly, to give myself a lighter, toner and healthier body than before.

IMHO, I will recommend the Insanity programme only to people who have a certain fitness level foundation. I did kickboxing and went to the gym once per week before I picked up the programme and I nearly died while doing just the warm-up. Its intense, fast paced and definitely not for the faint-hearted and people who lack will power. Just push, dig deeper and you’ll find yourself stronger than before.

To have a fit body, its always 30% exercise and 70% diet. Get the diet part done correctly and one will be dropping pounds faster than expected. I change my diet totally; went to the supermarket, learn to make salads, cook hearty breakfasts for myself. Ensure that my diet is filled with protein, vitamins and fibre. And of course, cutting down on carbs. But I love my rice, so I can’t do it entirely without. I’ll just shrivel and die.






Silly old me. Been wanting to keep a fitness journal for my own sake. To look back, to remind myself how far I’ve come, to show my future children next time how mummy has the determination to do all these, to motivate myself on bad days… and I didn’t think of my good old forgotten blog until today. Haha. Till the next.