It’s been quite some time since I first started Insanity and honestly, it can get quite boring doing the same workout over and over again. So I was damn pleased to find out that ShaunT had a new workout, T25. Boasting of just 25 mins of workout per day to keep yourself fit and lean.

I’ve been doing T25 for around a month or so, but I didn’t follow e calendar as diligently as before due to my current work schedule. Sometimes if I wish to push myself and work harder, I’ll mix the both up (like what I did today) during the weekend as that’s when I can have the luxury of time to exercise. With the mixture, it makes it more interesting to workout too. I’m also on the lookout for other good alternatives.

Recently my clocked workout hours per week is getting lesser and it worries me greatly that I’ll be putting on weight. Furthermore my diet hasn’t been really clean as before. Meh.