okie. im rpocrastinating AGAIN. oman. dis is nt a gd habit. i’ve yet to study for my notes for CD 1.1 . *urgh* but. i complete my resume le !! but all crap… Continue reading


wat is wrong with everybody? its a fri nite.. yet theres so lil peeps ard. omg* n every1 is lyk turning in so early. kao eh. so lonely. lOONELy~ i am sooo lonNnely..… Continue reading


2dae had left sch at a veri early time. 1`pm. on e way hm saw Joel. chatted n ask bout qian bian qn. hahaz. hes quite clever sial surpirsingly. heehee. went bak to… Continue reading


omg. 2dae had sports n wellness. nearly died. haha. run 2 rounds round e track. proves tt too much for me. coz i was giddy after e run. but hey! i din stop… Continue reading


was veri unhappy with my post to e childcare centre. its at havelock. i din even noe dis place exist in sg. haha. jass say its somewhere near tanjong pagar n raffles. omg.… Continue reading


im so tired. yet i cant slp. i cant stand dis kinda torture. haizz. -.-” podering over wat my sis was saying. she is going to b 21 soon. she is going to… Continue reading


omg.. back from camp. shag . so shagged. -.- haha.. 1st of all i oni slept for 2 hrs.. 6half in e morn.. lolz.. omg.. 8half… joshua is at e front door of… Continue reading


hmm haf a veri weird dream laz nite.. better dun say.. lolz.. coz its realli tooo weird.. haha lets see.. sch life.. *yay* ech is definetly much better den i tout.. n weilin… Continue reading


hee juz wana say something.. ECH issssss FUN !! fun…. N… FUNNNNN !!~*~ hee 🙂


I miss Mr Liu Mrs Soong No2 stall chicken wings Thammy “hey you” LIbrary and their books Mmemorising phy formulaes Stressing bout math class test Liang laoshi “ni gei wo dun !!” lolz… Continue reading